Miss Rose Episode 20

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59 thoughts on “Miss Rose Episode 20

  1. Basically skipped the whole episode except the beginning and ending. The whole blindness thing with Vivian is a load of crap in my opinion(no offense, but the “Hey look at me Gao Cheng Kuan because I’m Vivian” thing is getting old). I liked the show in the beginning and through the middle when all the cute-sy lovey dovey stuff was introduced. I still like it now, just not all the over-dramatisized stuff they’re adding on to it =_=

  2. IDC about Vivian’s character becoz she is so selfish and unlikable…BUT that ain’t stopping me from watching this drama becoz Roy is great and deserves our support. So, skip the parts you don’t like, but do watch Mr. Chiu…he is a great actor and so adorable..

    • Exactly!! I didnt even bother watching anything else other than the preview for the next ep. The plot is getting more absurd and ridiculous. Lame show. Such a pity that Roy Chiu actually took up this role. And i believe if Roy Chiu didnt take up this role, the show would have died at around ep8. 

  3. Vivan better die by falling down the staircase purposely. Then everyone go her funeral and Jin Tong will live happily ever after with Luo Si Yi. -THE END- (but sounds a lil bit crazy and creepy zz) NO OFFENCE.

  4. Did anyone notice that luo xi yi’s ex boyfriend seems to be a SPY? He’s seen meeting with the other company’s boss! i wonder what is he up to! Seriously the show shld just have a nice ending at ep20! instead of all these, making the show draggy and hard to watch!

  5. yes, I agreed she fall but notthing wrong, the doctor stuipe too, why the scriptwriter wrtining like that story, it don’t made sence, I don’t want to watch anymore, I’m sick of it.

  6. yes, the scriptwriter is sucks too, I do not like it either, yes I hate Crazy bitch Vivian I don’t like to watcher her scenes, she look cute like that don’t have men  to love  I don ‘t belive it. a lot fish out there don’t have any Men can’t trusth espisode the scripwriter is sucks sucks…… get aways the scripwriter

  7. too sad Luo Si Yi and Gao Cheng Kuan the end the drama they’re not togeter, I like Xiao Ke and the assistand of jing tong together they’re good together. let the rich bratt get away for good, she is bitch. (you can’t force love or force someone to love you, in the end they’re will divoice) even in the real life.

  8. The only reason i continue watching this effing lousy drama is Roy Chiu. They can probably win high viewership by getting Roy Chiu to act as the male lead but no one would ever remember this lousy plot. Besides having good actors and actresses, a drama needs a good plot. And luo siyi’s acting needs improvement!

  9. Okay, honestly, Vivian’s fall was very awkward. It looked like she voluntarily fell by herself. She wasn’t even hit by the car. 

  10. That vivian is really a crazy woman! Don’t love her means don’t love her force pple to love her! Can’t stand watching her I skip her scenes too.

  11. I do not like ending this episode, from I know the end this Gao Cheng Kuan will marry the bratt! because he feel sorry for her, her miss the change to marry Luo Si Yi, to sad. the ending. I do not like the story like that, I guest it right the end. Lo Si Yi will marry her old boy firiend!

  12. as with most taiwan dramas – everything starts off so well, then goes downhill at the end (just look at love forward). SIGH! can’t believe vivian is gonna fake a fall in the next episode… Lamest story progression ever!

    just watching for roy qiu’s longing stares at megan lai. *SWOONS*

    • Agree. the story is getting really lame. Luo Siyi is getting on my nerves too. The other couple, sheng jun and xiao ke is more interesting.

  13. I find myself fast forwarding all scenes of Vivian. She is over-bearing. I feel like smashing the screen whenever she comes on. The show is getting very draggy & getting  on my nerves.

  14. Gosh,…. so sad to see that a highly promising drama become such an unbearable drama.
    Even can’t stand the act of the female main lead…… The only magnet is only Cheng Kuan, Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke…..

  15. Vivian is very sick and lost her mind….how can it help save the love which doesn’t belong to her….what a fool

    • that was soo freaking planned.. you see how she just stood there, waiting and staring at the car to hit her…Lame and obvious! 😛

      • But i got to say.. Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke. you two are super cute.. I dont think I could get tired of them.. they are what makes this drama.. hilarious and INTERESTING!!.. AHAHHAH. 😀 (I’m the king of the world…..!! after the two leads left to see vivian at the hospital) 

  16. i just realized that both members of dream girls are in this drama
    if xiao ke and vivian will exchange roles then that will be better
    but then the plot will be exactly like 小資女孩向前衝 because xiao ke played the  bad girl
    and did anyone notice shen xin ren’s mom is luo si yi’a mom? and if she marries him then they ARE BOTH ROY QIUS MOM AHAHAHAH( mother in law)

  17. This is the harakiri of an used to be good drama… If they are trying it give a very ugly, big fat Botox lips no talent actress who is playing Vivian some screen time, then you have just ruined it for the other talented actor like Roy Qiu. Absolutely CANNOT watch this anymore… Taditaditaditadi, TI Amo Chocolate all over again which we stopped watching a loooong looooong episodes ago too.

    • I agree, I think Lou Si Yi is concerning too much, the episode of car accident can be deleted, no one will like to watch Vivian. Give us a happy ending

  18. You guys are still supporting the program? I came here every week just to read the comments. Glad to see people can’t stand for the story anymore. Ha!

  19. honestly, lost the interest of this drama. I just wanna see preview. Its too draggy n old style. No wonder there are less ppl watching this show. No blame on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dramas. sadly enough to say

  20. I was watching till epsiode 18 and thinking its gonna have a nice and sweet ending soon! But then the accident of the Vivian really kind of drags the show a little 🙁 I think by right 20 episodes is enough to end 🙂 I guess the driver who knocks down Vivian is she plan it de?

  21. I honestly cannot fathom idol dramas that are 20+ episodes -.-
    Taiwanese Idol Dramas would be better off if they combine GTV length with Settv/TTV storylines.
    This drama wouldve been SO must better at like, 15 episodes, instead of dissipating my initial love for it…little by little.
    Just sayin’.

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