Miss Rose Episode 22

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32 thoughts on “Miss Rose Episode 22

  1. roy is a really good actor, like omg :O i cried the most in his drunk scene out of this entire drama, props to him 🙂 but i dun wanna see him crying anymoree ahh, so heartbreaking! TT

  2. all of the cast…roy chiu , megan they tried hard in this drama i don’t blame them i just blame the script …..dragging too long !! poor them…..any way ending next week hope they can be together!!

  3. Thank god we’ve only got one more episode to go before the torture ends. Really torturous watching this, I feel so bad for Roy Qiu for getting sucked into the whole melodrama thing. I really don’t get it, why is it that these drama writers can’t seem to get a grip on things and produce something good from beginning and carry it through to the end? Why does a perfectly good drama always always get derailed half way? To top it off, Luo Si Yi is such a pain to watch, she’s been soaking in tears for like 18 out of the 22 episodes so far. Urrghhhh……..

  4. erm.. are they ever getting married or not? this was such a painful episode.. just watching roy qiu cry is heartbreaking please..

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