Miss Rose Episode 09

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43 thoughts on “Miss Rose Episode 09

  1. 好好笑唷.每次看幕後.真的覺得邱澤真的是很道地的台灣人.實在很難想像他這幾年都在對岸拍片生活.感覺挺好玩的…(沒別的意思.別筆戰唷><")

  2.  I would like to subbed this drama in Vietnamese but I can’t find the
    source of HD version. I would be grateful if any one can help me.

  3. i know think that the guy who came bake 4 ms.rose looks more mature…….
    i can c the dislike commonts of this comment already…..owell 🙂

    • 的確不應該,但有些父母無論如何是不能原諒傷害自己兒女的人,任何理由都不能! 雖然他們這樣作也是一種傷害,他們只是不能再相信那個人,不願意自己的孩子再受傷一次.孩子被傷害,父母很疼很疼的……

  4. i’m so sad! 都快哭了啦!

    宽宽人太好了。。。 自己明明喜欢爵位了喜欢的人的心福着想!!

    love you so much kuan kuan! hope you and siyi will quickly get together! =) loves!!! 

    • He is nice, however, he’s got a fiancee and he’s not doing anything about getting rid of her, so he’s doing it for Rose’s good, but he also doesn’t see himself going after her anyway.  At least for now…

    • 但愛情也是不該有隱瞞的,如果丞寬明知有這些信,卻沒告訴思儀,即使他們有一天在一起了,丞寬心裡應該也不能坦然吧!

  5. 女主角沒有不漂亮, 賴亞妍剛出道時也曾經因為她的面貌受到矚目, 只不過現在整型的風潮走偏了, 大家反而不喜歡自然美女, 很可惜!

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