Miss Rose (螺絲小姐要出嫁) Episode 01

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66 thoughts on “Miss Rose (螺絲小姐要出嫁) Episode 01

  1. Great fun, interesting to watch! Nice to see our people can speak English.
    But don’t try too hard, only when is speaking fluently will be pleasant to watch.

  2. HAHA WHAT A TSUNDERE THIS IS THE BEST also WOW she’s like one of the best actresses i’ve EVER seen as the main girl. SO HILARIOUS man this way exceeded my expectations i’m just so happy agh so cute xD

  3. Never watch Megan Lai previous drama but i like her, she is pretty. This is different from her previous role. As for Roy Qiu, he reminds me of Office Girls, don’t find anything new in this character but i will watch it as Roy & Megan is new on screen couple

      •  服裝也是同一個team的吧~每個人都穿得質感好糟,路邊三件一千似的…邱澤的西裝醜到爆,顯得頭大

      • 樂樂過檔上演<>,余承風、沈杏仁、史特龍、綠茶過檔上演<>,剩下其他小資演員唯有在這部再上演多次小資女孩了,大家張就一下吧。

        • 你是被逼著要看這部戲嗎? lol
          愛酸你又要看,什麼毛病 ~_~

  4. Can some tell where I can find English subs for this drama ? Would love to see it 🙂 otherwise I guess what is going on

  5. lol i don’t really care if it’s 老梗 or whatever, i like both the leading actor and actress. both are very natural in their acting.  besides it is still quite entertaining to watch

  6. roy getting better n better 😀

    more handsome than before,,,hair stylist looks so man! 😀
    but i wish can watch roy play with Tang Yan again… huhuuhuhuuhuhhu

  7. 偶像劇都這樣啊,除了改編漫畫的,其他都老梗不斷重演~但是,至少比上一部(向”錢”走、向愛走)好太多了!

  8. I like Megan Lai. She is very natural. Everyone seems to like the ultra skinny girl with plastic surgery and pupil enlarged contacts for some reason. Roy is not that tall, but he still becomes the leading man by his acting skill.

      • i think s/he is just referring to actresses with plastic surgery in general.. but if it’s someone specific, it’s probably tia li~
        although i’m really liking her character here in miss rose. (: nothing like OG!

  9. 超好笑的! 特別是高丞寬換衣服後的樣子, 實在太好笑的。生活很需要不用大腦的輕鬆的。

      • 人物跟小資差不多也是相同的。小資中的保羅是秦子奇(邱澤)的好友,螺絲中的勝君變成高丞寬(邱澤)的助理,又是許騰方一人飾演。小資中的秦子奇(邱澤)喜歡過凱兒,螺絲中的小可變成喜歡了高丞寬(邱澤),又是李毓芬一人飾演。

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