Miss Rose Episode 14

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Luo Si Yi is highly competent in her job but very timid when it comes to love. One day, she finds herself working under new manager Gao Cheng Kuan, who is known to be ruthless in both love and business. He sees all his employees as screws that needed to be tightened or throw away if rusted. Will she be able to please the ever-demanding boss or will him mellow down and be one with the people?

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  • Fongfong_crystal

    羅思儀好幸福哦,我也想讓邱澤騎重機載!!!! >3<

  • Debbie_baes

    when will the eng sub for miss rose ep 14 come out?

  • Momolostinspace

    where are the eng subs waiting for so long

    • Rz

      hi there if you really want to wtch miss rose with eng sub please type EPDRAMA MISS ROSE EP 14 ENG SUB but i really disappointed there is no picture when go to part 2,3,4 n 5 i only can hear the voice

  • Rz

     miss rose already have eng sub but no picture what happen?

  • 胖子


  • 愛韋鳥


  • 愛韋鳥


  • Xoxopps

    i love her long straight hair. 

  • Slwkpig

    hello where is ep 15

  • Rz

    where the stupid eng sub waiting for so long

  • Lixjiejie

    Sheng Jun’s randomness in this drama is so funny… cute!

  • Rare_angel74

    It is really irritating how people try and justify vivian behavior. She acted that way because felt her money and her fathers power made it ok to do so. There are a lot of people who have money who don’t act the way she does. She treated Cheng Kuan worst than a dog. Why would she be surprised that he rejected her. Who in their right mind would want to stay in that type of relationship? And then how her and her father conveniently throws in his face that he is nothing without them. Seriously?!? She needs her azz kicked and for people to treat her like trash. You get what you give. She gave him mistreatment and he dismissed her azz. And his mother should be a shamed of herself allowing that troll and her father to treat her son that way. I don’t care how much money you have and how much you have helped me and my family. There is a such thing as respect. If you don’t give respect don’t expect to get it. The way vivian treated him is a form of abuse and abuse is UNACCEPTABLE! I can’t wait for Cheng Kuan to break away from those psychos and show them his true strength. Cheng Kuan made more than enough money for that company so as far as I am concerned they owe him and not the other way around. It seems like they consider Cheng Kuan as something to owe/object instead of a human being. Jiayou! Cheng Kuan & Luo Si Li!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mica

    I dont understand…It seems like everyone have forgotten how Vivian treated ChengKuan before. She was such a bitch before. It does not matter how rich and spoiled she is. She did not have the basic manner. 

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Thuchen

    actully, i understand vivian. it’s not really her fault. She was born rrch and doesn’t know better. and all the people around her have always given in to her so she was spoilt, butchy and everyything else. But i think in the end she does know how to behave correctly. and she does love cheng kuan and understands him….i felt bad for her….but i guess that is life, even if being left ignorant, and it’s not really her fault for not realzing her faults earlier, but that is life, yoi can’t turn back time. Because i also actually believe they would have become a couple if she showed this side of her earlier….nevermind…I was so happy for all these cute moments in this episode, I am anticipating the next one. All the sweetness makes my heat melt with them and roy’s smile….gosh….he has this ability to make me feel all smileys 🙂 And also sheng jun and xiao ke process, they are so cute, too!!

  • Momolostinspace

    eng subs  please .

  • True81820

    gosh that kissing part is killing…………….

  • Rz

    why eng sub so slow i need to know the story

  • Der

    這裡的comments 看得出來 viewer 的年紀, 背景, 文化.

  • kdsjfas0d8fuq3

    Vivian and Ting Ai makes me want to punch the fucking computer screen. Jealous bitches

  • cundy22

    邱澤好帥<3 <3 <3

  • Kim

    omgosh!i actually cried and feel sad for vivian!

  • Findthebee

    One takeaway from this episode. When someone says ‘I don’t want to force you’ and continues the sentence with ‘…but…’ you know the person is forcing you. I lost my patience with cheng kuans mum there and then. The whole Convo with her was very paradoxical.

  • guest

    dragging & boring episode!

  • Ee

    This show sux

  • o.O

    Is Ting Ai convincing  when she gives The Game of Love advice wearing thick ass glasses? LOL.

  • Guest

    People should stop talking about actresses facial features. Their acting has nothing to do with their facial features. Stop hating on them. Just watch the show.

    • Rian

      None of these women are ugly by any means. These hateful comments do shed light on the inner ugliness of the people making them, however. I’m glad that I don’t know them.

  • Guest

    What’s with these Taiwan actresses with big fat thick lips… Like Vivian and that evil plotting woman from the office.

    • ^^

      just go and add filler on your’s. Sorry you sound soooooo jealous. Assumed right away you wanted to have those nice pouty lips but couldnt afford.

  • Hurricane Sandy

    Vivian is a really nice girl. Gao looks a really sad and disrespectful face when talking to her. Not cool. what’s her fault? born in a rich family? being a little proud? She’s really cute.

    • Guest

      Her lips are too fat and unnatural, UGLY.

    • NICE? she was fully degrading si yi in previous episodes…. 

  • TWG

    yeah i agree that kissing scene was so cute and sweet! ~
    ROYLOVE i sympathise with you~ its now 5 am here~ i cldnt sleep either~!!

    • Jearlie

      awwww… it is just too sweet! hahaa how to sleep! i just keep smiling at what Roy does for her. So sweet!!! i can’t wait for more sweet scenes!! 

  • Lunchboxthermos

    aww, i actually felt bad for vivian and got teary eyed when she was crying.  the first time in this whole series i actually felt bad for her.

  • Eagale23

    done this man know that he is selling is daughter off 


    Si Yi looked really nice in that navy blue dress!! Too bad she had to change!

    I also love the silver chain on Roy’s black jeans he looks so gangster and cool!


    OMG the preview shows us more sweet scenes from our OTP!!!!! IM DYING HAAHA


    OMG!! So cute when Cheang kuan turned his head and kissed her on the lips!!!! My heart was like overflowing with happiness and when Roy smiled so playfully afterwards OMG cutest


      Cheng kuan*


    OMG it’s 4:30am here and I couldn’t sleep till this came out 🙁

  • 美妤

    OMG that scene with 丞寬 and 勝君 in the morning was HILARIOUS!

  • ME

    Thank you <3

  • cundy22

    ㄏㄏ 好好笑

  • Hamu

    part 4 unavailable ??

  • Smile6692


  • dorothy