Summer Fever Episode 15

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27 thoughts on “Summer Fever Episode 15

  1. rewatching these few episodes after watching the last episode. i seriously hate the ending and these were my favourite moments. when ah kuan and xiao qing were so happy and in love. i wish they had more screen time for them!

  2. the doctor seems abit crappy. “let’s check the snake bite. oh.. got 2 holes” =.= doesnt snakes have two teeth? is there a more than 2 scenarios? lol.

    • LOL that doctor…actually seems so funny. stating the obvious and he was so serious. he’s like “ok let’s see the bite oh yes there’s two holes, its ok don’t be nervous.” I’m just like lol thx for the reassurance i didn’t notice there were two holes

  3. when they kissed, i was like “awwww sooo cuteee! yesss!” and then xu lei showed up in the window reflection, and i was like “OH SHIIIIIIZZZ! OH SHIZZLE! AW MAN!” hahaha but man! that kiss! whew!

    • she’s allergic to UV rays so in the previous episodes she always wore a hat most of the time and there’s currently no cure for it so yeah im not sure if i explained it quite well but the main point is that she shouldn’t get too tired or be in the sun for too long or else she gets like red spots all over her body  lol im not such a good explain er but yeah. hope you get what i mean! (:

  4. so much going on in this episode… xiao qing and a-kuan finally got together (and KISSED :D), a-kuan found his long-lost father, xu lei found out about his father’s illness  (and is heartbroken to see xiao qing and a-kuan tgt)… SO HEAVYYYY I CANT HANDLE IT!!!

  5. 李靜很不要臉耶 阿寬爸爸明明是小青想辦法請人散布消息才找到的 李靜就那麼一句話好像就是她和殺蟲找到的 亨 (入戲太深

  6. YES!!! ah kuan finally realized his feelings and tells li jing in the next episode!!!! YAYAYAY 😀 and the kiss and all the sweet moments were so cuteeeeeee~~~~<3333

  7. OMG, they kissed !!!! Ah kuan and Xiao Qing looked so cute tgt ! They should have gotten tgt earlier ! Though I feel bad for xu Lei and lijing, still I hope they stop coming coming in between them ! I WANT SEE MORE SWEET MOMENTS OF AH KUAN AND XIAO QING !!!!!! ^^

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