Summer Fever Episode 05

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28 thoughts on “Summer Fever Episode 05

  1. I LOVEEE THIS SO MUCH <3 watching George Hu's other drama "Love, Now", at the same time.. But I'm liking this drama heaps  more! Thank you for uploading! 😀

  2. George looks sooo hot in that black suit 😉 omgg personally, I think he looks so much better here than in the other drama…he looks weird in his other drama. i think it’s cause he’s wearing eye makeup there

  3. hate lijing. omg qingkuan moments tomorrow, cannot wait!

    ps, everyone, please like their FB page to show your support! they really need all our support for such an amazing drama!

  4. FINALLY!! HOLY SHIZ! longest wait EVER! so worth the wait, even if it was painful. george is so in love with gui gui, but that annoying li jing keeps getting in the way. but then i guess its not a drama with a third wheel. george was so cute when gui gui said he was handsome hahahaha, waiting for tomorrows upload!! can’t wait for more guihu moments!!

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