Summer Fever Episode 02

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25 thoughts on “Summer Fever Episode 02

  1. Can’t believed at the year of 2012, i actually have 2 shows that I can’t wait to
    be aired and watch it immediately. And it’s georgeHu!! ahaa! ooo guigui and
    george. .woohoo

  2. I love the GuiHu relationships so much seriously.. <3 but i just hope that thr wont be much of the drama with li jing which might piss ppl off.. lol..  Happy show shud only have happy stories for summer, no bitch pls. haha.

  3. how come he likes her already? lol is it because she’s the little girl? i mean, guihu scenes are so cute but i felt like everything happened too suddenly haha

        • Won’t you be naturally happy knowing that you met someone before and now meeting her again? I think he just likes her personality at this stage. Her character is likeable anyway so he just probably just simply happy to have met her before. I think the part where she came to jin men also plays a role in it.

  4. wow their relationship escalated pretty quickly, not that i’m complaining or anything. get to see heaps of really cute guihu moments. he likes her already! i love it. i know its only episode 2 but li jing is already annoying me, gah. i want to see more guihu scenes!!! what bothers me is that theres not preview D:

  5. i love guigui and george together they have a lot of chemistry i am looking forward to future episodes. Thanks for uploading

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