Summer Fever (戀夏38℃) Episode 01

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73 thoughts on “Summer Fever (戀夏38℃) Episode 01

  1. Rewatching this a day after i finished the last episode. watching the beginning when ah kuan was yelling is so sad, i really wanna cry! this is my favourite drama but the ending is so horrible, badly scripted and directed! an amazing story and drama ruined because of the stupid ending

  2. Hey the video cannot be viewed as it is not available due to copyright issues. Please hurry up and review this as I want to watch it as soon as possible. But anyways. thanks for uploading so diligently, but please do rectify this immediately! Thanks!!

  3. the video is no longer available due to copyright???? how can we watch this!!! no!! i love them both but i cant watch this!!!!!

  4. I want to watch it but I need english subtitles to understand it. Please. I love Gui Gui. She’s my favorite actress. 🙂

  5. :DD OMG gui gui had grown soo much!! :DD i am soo happy for her but i am still sad when she left hei girl!! D’: i have always wanted her to be with Aaron!! i wish tht dude was Aaron (yan Ya lunfrom fahrenheit) instead ‘-‘ well..

  6. 李靜那種怪腔怪調說是跟他們兩人在金門的青梅竹馬, 真的太說不過去了吧! 希望以後台灣的任何劇都不要有這麼沒道理的選角安排了! 拜託拜託!!!!!!

    • 你知道为什么吗?这部电视剧肯定有大陆的投资,台湾的电视剧在大陆算个屁, 除了有些出名的比较好,然而你看到这部电视剧不怎么样对吧,是不是看起来很便宜? 你所看到你口中说的在这台湾偶像剧里的“中国人”都是些在北电,中戏和上戏一抓一大把的演员学生!!不就一个烂偶像剧,拽什么拽!你看不看大陆的电视剧,电影?!比这些他妈的乱七八糟鬼扯的强多了!台湾也是中国~ ok?什么叫讨厌中国人,台湾你背后不是有个山靠着,还能干啥?算个屁! 真以为美国在帮什么所谓的“台湾”国家?

    • 并且像这种演员,大部分都是在大陆混不下去了,就来台湾混混。。。要不然 你觉得为什么这么多台湾的挤破了头的想去大陆发展呢??

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