Lady Maid Maid Episode 54

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3 thoughts on “Lady Maid Maid Episode 54

  1. I only watch this program because I want to see the love story of XJ & SQ evolve. But it’s kinda boring that the writers are dragging the story. Hope XJ will finally know about his son. This has been played too long. But Su Yee and his girlfriend are a riot! They’re so funny! Hope they won’t develop the character of An An. I don’t want to see XJ & An An together!!! XJ has already had too many girls. He should be faithful to SQ.

  2. I like An An.. She is very cute. Better to watch her than SQ. SQ and xJ storyline dragged toooo long. It is becoming very very boring. An An and Papaya Ling + Su Yee are very good.

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