Lady Maid Maid Episode 67 The End

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17 thoughts on “Lady Maid Maid Episode 67 The End

  1. This was my first time to watch a Taiwanese drama. I watched even though I could hardly understand the dialogue or read the subtitles. But I fell in love with the characters. But the writers did not do justice to the ending. I hope it won’t affect the careers of the artists here because it was not their fault that it ended terribly. 🙁

  2. WTF????
    D; this drama deserved a better ending ;/
    ShuYu didnt marry GuangLin
    YinZhi hasn’t came back from the “university”
    Why the director rushed the ending like that !!
    Btw why Wei LAN ‘s husband is Nicholas ??
    They couldn’t pay for a random actor to play that role? D;
    Gosh? -.-
    What a waste of time..

  3. I love this drama, but disappointed at this weak ending. It is especially ridiculous to have the 2 couples get married at the same time.

  4. This is the worst ending ever! Very disappointing!!! What in the world were the writers, director and producer thinking?!!!!!

  5. It seems like a very messy ending, they should tell us what happened to Ying Zhi? does XL and HQ get together? Those are important roles in this drama, the audience want to know about them as well. And where is Wei Lan’s dad? Shouldn’t he appears on the wedding? Same goes to XJ’s parents.. Kinda disappointed..

  6. last ep seriously?! they could of dragged out the happy parts for a bit at least! im kind of disappointed! 🙁 oh well.

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