Lady Maid Maid Episode 45

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16 thoughts on “Lady Maid Maid Episode 45

  1. well, i know where WL gets her stupidity from… her father. like seriously, all they know is to blame XJ. it’s the father’s fault for ignoring his daughter and it’s WL’s fault for not pulling herself together and understanding what really happened. =.= heeey, XL looks more mature~~

    • btw 如果明明不愛只因為同情而跟他在一起真的有比較好嗎?





        • What’s your problem ?
          Everybody has their own point of view…
          Just let us be ok??
          I don’t like weilan
          She doesnt like the main couple ?
          We are just posting our thoughts and sharing them !
          That’s all !
          Everybody is free to say whatever they want to say !
          So shut the f*ck up !

          • Hey, Cheng Alice is just giving a suggestion. Do you have to be so rude?! What she say is true. If u don’t like the main character why wasting time watching this drama? Why don’t try to watch other drama? What you say is also true, we are free to say whatever we want. But pls respect others, don’t use this kind of attitude to comment other people! Everybody has feelings. Think before you comment!

          • Actually I’m not that rude..
            Cuz I saw her posting the same thing in other people old comments ( a little bit negative comments ), but that’s our opinion.. -.-
            That’s what pissed me off..
            And we want to say it cuz we want to know what ppl think bout the drama… either is good or bad !
            And I may not like the actors and actresses but I like the story…

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