Be with You (好想談戀愛) Episode 13

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14 thoughts on “Be with You (好想談戀愛) Episode 13

  1. 為什麼這部戲裏會有這麼多蠢蛋?這些戀愛的女人一被男人甩,罵,或教訓就馬上低頭反悔,像沒有個性並且不會思考的小狗一樣~笨透了!正在看這部戲的年輕妹眉,必且要當機巧又有正義感的“程又青”,為著捍衛自己的幸福來面對每一份感情,而不是為著戀愛對象的點頭或搖頭ㄛ~
    不好意思,不是故意要破壞各位看戲的樂趣,只是突然有感而發… -_-

    • Translation: Why is this drama filled with idiots? These women in love are like little puppies, without self-dignity or the ability to think; they wig their tails when their love interests smiled at them and hunched their backs when their love interests scorned at them. Oh come on, have some self-autonomy and individuality, can ya?
      P.S. I hope I didn’t ruin your appetite for watching this drama. If I have, I apologize. It’s still a very good drama with interesting story development. But I have to. I have to. For the sake of all women out there…

    • I have to say that MA irritates me too. But I still love watching it because I like this show overall AND I like to point out some of the show’s stupidity, being a cynic. I believe even leaving negative comment is a way of supporting the show. Some of the totally terrible dramas aren’t even worth the viewers’ time to comment on.

  2. Guys MA isn’t “stealing”… She doesn’t even know who YJ likes and is trying to pull away too. YJ told XX because it’s better to have it told now than find out after marriage and live unhappily. Another is that YJ told XX to reject the wedding is because if XX rejects YJ, XX won’t look as bad and it’s better to have XX reject YJ so she won’t look as bad if it was YJ rejecting XX. I truly think MA is trying to help and do as much as she can and she herself wants to quit the job too…and she cares for both sides perspective.

    • It’s just all talk. She says she shouldn’t accept the job, but she still went ahead in the end. She says she should quit, but she hasn’t done it. She says she should pull away but she keeps showing concern for YJ at work. I don’t see any signs of her trying to pull away even till now.

      I agree that YJ shouldn’t continue with the wedding if he doesn’t love XX and he’ll probably end up with MA ultimately. But it’ll be nice to portray MA in a more mature manner (yes she’s young but she’s not a child). She keeps saying 1 thing and doing the other and cries a tad too often.

      • I agree with you Guest.

        MA have done nothing or stay away from YJ. She keep on stay next to YJ and YJ is not making anything any better too. Trying to keep his feeling for MA inside. If he knew that XX isn’t the one he want to get marry why did he said yes to her in the first place,

        Agree that they should have portray MA a litter bit better because she like a third wheel that cause YJ and XX to break up.

        The real innocence person this hold thing is XX because she try to talk to YJ and he push her away and MA doesn’t understand even if she like YJ she should know better that he got someone all ready she should leave or stay YJ and have him work out his thing with XX. Even if they are not mean to be together at at lest they try to but YJ did not even try to work thing out between him and XX.

        Now they making XX the bad guy that is sad from good person to bad guy.

  3. MA is really irritating..feel like slapping her more after every episode. All she knows how to do is cry and act like an innocent idiot, creating all sorts of trouble.

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