Be with You (好想談戀愛) Episode 12

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6 thoughts on “Be with You (好想談戀愛) Episode 12

  1. I feel so bad for XX a lot in this episode. Because of both YJ & MA fault. For some reason I just don’t want to watch this show any more. They make MA the innocence while XX the bad guy that steal YJ from YJ but really it MA who stealing YJ from XX.

    And XX and YJ didn’t even try to work things out. XX should have fight harder for YJ and not let him go that easy.

    • I agree with you, but I think there’s probably a whole back story about YJ and MA’s past that hasn’t been shown yet. Maybe YJ and MA’s feelings for each other has always been there, but XX entered the picture and things changed, but his feelings still remained.

  2. YJ rejects XX but still not brave enough to admit that he likes MA .. look after from a far?? Well .. this is going really slow

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