Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 67

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8 thoughts on “Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 67

  1. 振華,你為什麼要強迫溫蒂啊?

    • I really hope there will not be too much of that woman, i have to say I really dislike to see her too. Scriptwriter, can you please skip Wendi’s mum….. don’t really wanna see her and how she wants to progress with Wendi. Please fast forward that bit.

  2. 振華製造機會給超級賤女人蚊子就算了,現在連翔希也。 。 。 。
    無言。 。 。

  3. Part 4, it is so funny to see Ching Chook reaction when Xiang Xi holds her hand. I thought she was gonna ran away again….. ha ha ha

    Very cute together… lovely couple

  4. XX and CC are so cute together(Part 1)…. at least we know why CC ran away after XX kissed CC……. XX should be glad his castle will soon has another additional person to love him, that is CC.

  5. 60集至今的剧情可以用三句话概括:飞竹向江律师的求婚失败,唐律师亲了静竹,温蒂的妈妈终于出现了。其余皆是浮云~各种广告置入。

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