Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 66

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11 thoughts on “Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 66

  1. CC’s dad start to suspect relationship between CC and XX ….. hee heeee hope the old man will help them to move closer.

    however, I feel scriptwriter emphasis too much on Wendy and that had neglected XX and CC progress. The way they eat together at the last bit of Part4 didn’t give me the impression they are already boyfriend and girlfriend. Can’t feel the warm XX is giving CC when they talk. ” you finished the Hua zhi…oh you like Hua Zhi” ……… what the…???? Bad bad script there

    • they aren’t exactly ~official~ at this point, and they’re talking about a serious topic so it isn’t odd that they’ll joke less with each other

  2. okay, so first wen di’s mom raids wen di’s room and look at her stuff without permission, then she freaks out that wen di is wet except oh wait it was just pouring outside so you don’t need to keep touching her and saying “why are you so wet?”, then she raids the kitchen, and when wen di gets a small cold, she freaks out again by saying all these wonderful stuff that she did for wen di…honestly she’e treating the house like it’s hers. anyways that was not fun for me to watch even though wen di and wen di’s mom got “closer”. if i was wen di, i would probably freak out and roll into a ball on the ground.

    • I agree with you about looking through Wendy’s stuff without permission. I was feeling really uneasy throughout the time she was at their home. just toooooo much. It is like….. very annoying, I would say.

  3. i know the two dads are trying to be fair to Wendy mum and wendy. HOwever, I personally don’t feel very comfortable to see that woman spending too much time in the HOME. I think that is a bit much. A little bit weird.

    • Agreed. I understand if they are still in contact with her during the 8 years. Now 8 years passed, isn’t she more like stranger… There are many times I don’t think zhenhua made the right decision to let wendi be left alone with her mum.

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