Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 65

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15 thoughts on “Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 65

  1. 振華還感激那個超級賤女人蚊子?哦~拜託~超級賤女人蚊子完全不知道自己錯得很嚴重,看不出有悔意~這幾集弄到我超不想看下去~編劇安排她歸西吧!

  2. XX and CC is just too shy to admit they like each other…. CC said she was shopping for cakes near XX house on the day Wendy mum came over. Whereas XX didn’t even bother to follow up, how CC feels about their relationship… looking forward to have progress to become couple. Someone will have to do the talking…..XX come on you can do that.

  3. everything was going so well. xiang xi and ching chook FINALLY hooked up ish and wu lady started changing and everything…and then wen di’s mom came and screwed everyone’s lives up…

    • compared to the other little kids, she has the most practice and she’s the most natural. but i also like xiao xiong just because he has a natural cuteness in whatever he says

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