Spring Love (美人龍湯) Episode 11

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17 thoughts on “Spring Love (美人龍湯) Episode 11

  1. can someone tell me what does they say @12 :48 ? i didn’t understand ;/

    omg uhh i really hate tian he ! and i feel sad for Long tai and Ren mei <3

  2. Long Tian He in ep 12 preview was like “everyone is much happier w/o me.” And I was like glad you know. Just disappear!!!!!!

  3. OMG Ren Mei!!! You are aggravating and dim as is, don’t make it even more irritating! You asked him to say something, to give you a reason and when he says something you call them excuses! Please just tell Long Tai what to say already!

    If you can just get over the confined box thinking of “OMG, he lied!” Everything will be ok again.

  4. 龙天贺你要对你所做的事情负责,要是这个故事是真的话我肯定会把龙天贺打到肾亏,

    • me too. what kind of a crazy shit is this? she has to be with the younger bro…long tian he is evil, he just wants revenge…

  5. OMG.. .. at first when I watch ep 1 … I was like. . .ok . .. . .
    After that. . .now I am like.. . omGOGGGGGG….
    Actually it’s a good show!!! =D omgg.. can’t wait for the nxt ep!

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