Single Ladies Senior (高塔公主) Episode 05

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以青春為名~那個公主拯救公主的時代 勇敢率真的米娜 美麗動人的殷格麗 瘋狂愛幻想的鳥妹與直率卻是腐女的白白. 四人在大學時期, 雖然個性迥異, 卻在同一宿舍相互扶持, 成了好閨蜜. 如果沒有賀以凡, 她們四人的情誼或許能天長地久...

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1 thought on “Single Ladies Senior (高塔公主) Episode 05

  1. OMG … so HYF and IGL did become a couple during the one short year that they were overseas … dont speak well for HYF’s character!!

    The difference is IGL dont seem to be “in love” with HYF now .. judging from her expression when HYF proposed or informed IGL’s dad and her expression when HYF’s mum talked to her …

    Here comes another new guy into the life of WMN ,,, not as good looking but is he the one …?!

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