Say I Love You (勇敢說出我愛你) Episode 14

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7 thoughts on “Say I Love You (勇敢說出我愛你) Episode 14

  1. 石沛然应该‘暂时的放手, 让果果和妈妈相处一段时间,让前妻找回一些安全感。能她能站起来了,才讨论共同拥有女儿的抚养权。。

  2. 果果和妈妈从来没感情,没相处过。她不可能那么黏‘妈妈’。。她和她父亲的感情定比母亲深很多。

    • this is a well written character, but so poorly acted. anyway she is just like so many people we meet in real life, always blaming everybody else for their own problems and faults.

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