Say I Love You (勇敢說出我愛你) Episode 13

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6 thoughts on “Say I Love You (勇敢說出我愛你) Episode 13

  1. 玉恒现在就像一个溺水的人,急于找一个浮木,安全感 – 石沛然。她前夫处理的方式非常不恰当。他应该一开始就不该让她住进来。请神容易,送神难。

    • I think he wanted to cut the tie but it is very hard with the daughter and the brother in law involved…plus the ex-wife has mental issue for sure!! She lied to everyone and made up stories. I think the teacher was surprised with her action. She even try to hurt herself and blame on him to put up a show for the daughter to see. I believe she will kill someone again to get what she wants soon! I think the girl will go back to the ex-boyfriend because of the wife and ex boyfriend is sick.

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