Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 16 fixed The End

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15 thoughts on “Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 16 fixed The End

  1. Gd drama overall, felt that not just the main leads like 夏于喬 shined, the rest did pretty good overall though it felt like the last 3 episodes seemed too fast……..

  2. 原本歌好, 片頭服裝造型也很好, 中段真的超瞎, 好像我miss掉劇情一樣,
    還是按了快進, 雖然我也怕拖戲, 但沒想過只有16集, 太趕, 劇情像亂了套似的,
    可以多講其他角色啊, 牧群夫妻, 葛老跟BS老闆跟白惠蘭, 連千芮都出走了事…
    我還是喜歡樂團的他們, 演巧如, 牧群, 關關外型跟演戲都很清新, 連瑪靡演戲也很棒!

  3. Yes, wish more time had been given to the couple in this last episode … have to wait till Part 5 and there is the ending! Hope to see Chris Wu in another drama soon.

  4. Awww…. Good show come to an end. slightly rushed to the ending. Skip the accident scene and how he found out about his dad 🙁 Overall a great show.

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