Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 08

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15 thoughts on “Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 08

      • It’s not that surprising. If you think about it that picture was already hinting at it. It would be a little weird if it turns out that the BS boss is his father and Qian Re is his daughter.

        • but i don’t get the suicide part when she’s about to jump from the building why would she said those words to her son?…about her background and stuff remember?!!?! If that’s not him who is it???

          • that was a completely different person called ann. not surprising for shuyu’s mum to look young in her photo if she died when he was just a kid. you’ve been confusing them.

          • that woman was too young to be his mom in the first place. her name was ann. she was a friend and colleague of his who felt betrayed.
            He told Wei Zhen that his mother died when he was young and that he grew up with his grandather.

  1. after watching several dramas in the past few months, i have to say this one is the best romantic comedy drama of 2014 so far <3

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