Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 04

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13 thoughts on “Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 04

  1. 干麻不直接打给维真问他的尺寸


  2. They need to find a better way to settle the female lead’s hair. She’s looking more and more like a “a ma” (old grandma). Same thing happened to the female lead in
    Love SOS / 愛情急整室. Pretty girl can look like grandma’s if given the wrong hairdo!

  3. Why have a guy buy her the bra? Unless you’re D cup and up, should be able to wear 2 loose shirts and no one can tell what’s (not) underneath.

      • Don’t get offended so fast! I’m NOT D cup and up myself and had gone out grocery shopping many times with loose fitting clothing and no bras, so I do not see what’s such a big deal not having bras to wear. it’s not the end of the world. But in the drama she’d rather put the guy through such embarrassment then to improvise.

        And you guys thinking I was talking down on small breast? Not at all!

        • The culture and atmosphere is different in Asia. I don’t wear bra but when I visit Aisa, I do feel more self conscious and will put a bra on before I go outside.

    • She could have put on a few layers of clothing then go buy herself undergarment, instead of putting a guy on the spot to shop for a bra for her. And she didn’t even have the courtesy to give him her bra/panties size. Pretty dumb.

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