Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 03

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9 thoughts on “Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 03

  1. poor main lead…KEEP being used by that celebrity again and AGAIN – steal her song and now SHE EVEN MADE STORY UP

  2. The male lead is getting too touchy with the female lead. He’s acting almost like they’re already very close friends. This drama is not very convincing anymore coz he’s supposed to be a celebrity. Might not want to be seen bickering with a female and pulling her arms in public. (epi 03, part 2, 14:50) He’s acting like he’s got no job and nothing much to do but running around the female lead.

    • he is more a producer (behind the scene) then on-screen star, so I think there is a slight difference. But of course, you are entitled to your opinion.

      • …he will feel sorry for the main female character so of c…plus he’s not like the very popular…person though in the first episode it seems to be…but it’s the girl that’s is actually famous..for singing…i think he’s like the producer just like peg said…he made songs…he’s not that famous as the (light brown hair singer) female lead… as u can see the others don’t EVEN know who he is …even if he tells them his name unlike the female singer…?
        The paparazzi only comes out when he’s with the female singer as u can see the female is very famous and sh1t..not the guy…

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