The Queen (女王的誕生) Episode 17

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10 thoughts on “The Queen (女王的誕生) Episode 17

  1. Xiao Wei is a bitch that does stuff to hurt and pull down others, but you can’t deny that there are people like her everywhere be it in office, in school…etc. She does what she wants and are not afraid to let people know & it is still “easy” to guard against people like her. It is in fact people like Judy that you should be afraid of. She is scheming and will befriend you just to backstab you!

  2. even good person will perform one or two evil acts sometimes. nobody is perfect. everyone does things that benefited themselves. This is called the strong survived. Those who criticised 小葳, will you dare to swear that you have never lied for your own advantage ??

  3. 小葳 is very evil. I hope 楊瑞 does not end up with her. 楊瑞 deserve a better person. 楊瑞 does not need to be with 小葳 just because 小葳 looks like his old girl friend. This show is killing me.

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