The Queen (女王的誕生) Episode 13

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11 thoughts on “The Queen (女王的誕生) Episode 13

  1. It’s already episode 13 but it’s still the same storyline! Feng Ming Tai using Tang Mei Bao for his business, Tang Mei Bao gets screwed over & again by others. Du Xiao Wei acts like a slut. If this goes on I think episode 130 also still the same…

    • Yes in every episode she will said don’t look down at yourself and stop crying……… Get a better writer for the story plot.

  2. Because there are people selfish like Xio Wei that why the world is so messy… “I am just doing MY way, what is the problem” Unfortunately for u, your way is wrong. ….

  3. This drama is talking about model industry which usually associates with something beautiful/glorious. While I don’t find that in this drama. Instead, it talks about Mei Bo being stupidly nice to people who hurt her. Just wonder whether its logical for her not learning how to protect herself.

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