The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) Episode 05

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23 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) Episode 05

  1. well~ i think Hai Lun/ Hellen is doing quite well. She looks quite naturally in her facial expressions, compared to the plastic face. Actually if you want to know to what extent she can act well, try to view 波麗士大人 for her performance.

  2. even without the annoying slurring ABC accent Shen Hai Lun is still horrible at acting… it’s like she’s just reciting the script.. the most dramatic thing about her is probably the waves in her hair.. T_T So happy she’s not the main lead.

  3. hahahaa ! this is the 2nd drama i’ve watched that the main leads don’t like carrots . coincidence much ? heehehe just like guang xi and xiao le in autumn concerto. 🙂

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