Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 23 – 25

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59 thoughts on “Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 23 – 25

  1. 哇,发现漏洞!Part 2 的22:01 时,站在后面的不是林依晨。。 拍雪舞背影时也不是林依晨,身形大大不同。。 好无言。。。

  2. Lanling Wang is really immature as he would said such hurtful and irresponsible things to Xue-Wu even if he was upset and fooled! The immaturity had conflicted with what the promises he made in the early stage…’s a little too much…

  3. 看到鄭兒陰謀敗露被抛棄被獵人強姦的樣子,我就忍不住開始打飛機。哦。。。哦。。。 哦。。。鄭兒,就讓我來強姦你吧!

  4. This is the first time I hate the bad guy in a show so much that I just feel like killing her and stop watching. Other shows though there are bad guys around, it’s still watchable.. This zheng er is really to the max.. 可恨之人必有可怜之处。but this zheng er I dun see where she is 可怜. Mayb it’s the actress problem.. Blood pressure shooting up. Even 容嬷嬷 also not that hating..

  5. 鄭兒 你可以去死一死了 get out of this drama i don’t wanna see your face anymore. You’re ruining everything. GET OUT! die please die. You probably are the reason that some people don’t wanna watch the drama. I started to hate this drama because of you. GO AWAY PLEASE GO

  6. It doesn’t matter whether Zheng Er has done anything wrong or not. The point is as long as Lanling prince still wants to maintain his relationship with his wife and marriage, he should send away the maid if his wife doesn’t like Zheng Er. This is the fact of life.

  7. Where is Yu Huang Di/Ah Guai. Now I think LanLing doesn’t fit Xue Wu. -___-

    Ah Guai would love Xue Wu way better and his Huang Hou wouldn’t hurt Xue Wu unlike that disgusting zheng er.

    I know Ah Guai can give Xue Wu 幸福

  8. 兰陵王一点都不了解雪舞,就连身边的护卫都比他脑经好,知道雪舞遇大事从不莽撞。

  9. I saw the preview for tomorrow, really horrible of what happens to Zheng Er. I know she is evil, but doesn’t deserve that :/ Think after what happens, she will have extreme hatred towards Lanling and Xue Wu.

    • Even with what happened to her (I won’t say it explicitly cuz I don’t wanna spoil it for other people), it doesn’t give her an excuse to go murdering innocent people and hurting other people. Having something horrible happen to her is not an excuse for her to hurt other people.

      She was a bad person even from back in the bride choosing arc, hurting an innocent child just so she can go back to LLW mansion to confess to LLW. Afterwards, not only does she turn over a new leaf with the chance of a new life given to her – she was lucky enough to survive fire and plague and escaped slavery with the help of Xue Wu and LLW, yet she repays Xue Wu’s kindness with treachery and bad deeds. If she was a good person she would’ve used the chance of a new life to do something worthwhile or even just live the rest of her life peacefully. But instead she does all these terrible things and even pretends to be violated by the bandits (ep 25) just so that LLW will make her his concubine.

      I’m NOT saying she deserves what happens to her in ep 26, but if she didn’t do all these bad things, she would’ve been living a peaceful life and not be exiled by LLW, and so the thing that happens to her in ep 26 wouldn’t have happened to her.

      And think about this: she is indirectly responsible for Xue Wu being sold to slavery by the bandits. If Yuwen Yong hadn’t shown up and saved Xue Wu, Xue Wu would’ve suffered a fate worse than death. Is that any way to repay someone who had only shown Zheng Er kindness and forgiveness?

  10. Every time lan ling wang is angry he says hurtful things to xue wu. But when xue wu is angry she only points out the truth. He really is selfish and does not deserve xue wu.

  11. very good drama. I like lan ling wang – he is so charming. hope he and
    xue wu will end up together. No more funny tricks from the zheng er

  12. 宇文邕赶快来把雪舞带走吧!那个笨到要命的兰陵王,一开始说什么只要雪舞好好地,雪舞最重要。“我不会让你受委屈”

    然后呢,一个小妖女几句话煽风点火,就瞎了眼,还发脾气! 要雪舞好好呆着,要雪舞当个好妻子,必须让他无后顾之忧。无后顾之忧这是什么话啊,都不会想一想再讲话的吗??
    oh my god!!! 都不会想想雪舞做任何事背后的动机跟苦衷吗???耐性去哪里了?还变得真快!!! 去跟郑儿在一起好了。


    • 100% 赞同! 王的良心被狗吃。真可怜的雪舞。。。
      贱小三为啥还没死? 看到我眼火爆

    • you are totally right. Where is Ah Guai??? He needs to save poor Xue Wu. T_T Too much zheng er scenes makes me sick. -_- but i skip all those scenes woohooo C:

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