Orz Love Bull (認命吧! 金牽牛) Episode 01

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22 thoughts on “Orz Love Bull (認命吧! 金牽牛) Episode 01

  1.  這不是“勝女的代價”的曾楚楚嗎?!天哪!抄襲的爛劇本加上這種爛透了的女主角!!看不下去了!!!

  2. sigh, i love eddie, have since ai qing bai pi shu like more than 10 years ago, but im just too old for this crap now(im 22),maybe just 4 years ago i would have fallen all over this drama like white on rice but now…the thought of another nonsensical rambling plus barely skinshiped romantic drama makes my insides go cold and my eyes roll far back into my head with boredom, even as a kid obssessed with watching these i often wondered how 30 something taiwanese actors/actresses managed to keep doing incredibly banal stuff like this with such enthusiasm, i didnt care though because all i wanted was more, oh eddie, even with all your beauty i cant get drawn back into the vortex of shite that is 90percent of taiwanese dramas

  3. um….the beginning looked just like the korean drama “my sassy girl”…except the girl in this drama is not even that cute….what a copycat…thought this drama was different..such a disappointment…

  4. 馮媛甄 

  5. eddie’s voice is dubbed right??? its so annoying i hate it although it isn’t so horribly dubbed but still it doesnt rly sound like him ugh

  6. Eddie! He’s so adorable!! It’s a remake of the korean movie “My Sassy Girlfriend”….although i’m not a big fan of that movie, i might watch on for Eddie…and it seems like a fun and relaxing one to watch…
    But…most of the actors are dubbed….Doesn’t seem to match their lips…Well…I guess they’re trying to avoid the accents so the tw audience will accept it more….glad Eddie is not dubbed!

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