Moon River (明若曉溪) Episode 16

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23 thoughts on “Moon River (明若曉溪) Episode 16

  1. Ohh the two are trapped with the bitches how sad they come to this situation…be strong Xiao Xi and hold on coz you are the only person that Liu Bing treasured and love the most,Liu Bing is strong and i understand why he had to deal with that girl he dont want him to be your burden and i hope this one bitch here will help Liu Bing in the crisis for his Family as a friend of him and this girl FIX the trouble between Xiao Xi and Liu Bing….im sorry guys im just sad with the episodes that the couple are fighting bcoz of this bad people around…i know everything will gonna be ok at the right time…Fighting XIAO XI/AH BING FORDLOVE…

  2. I just found out there are two versions, Taiwan and ???. which one is Taiwan and which one is the other version? what is the difference?

    • The audience is Chinese speaking, so they don’t have the need to put english subtitles. You can go find those with english subtitles though. I found some on youtube.

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