Marry me, or not? (必娶女人) Episode 03

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必娶女人講述的是,一個在你我生命中一定會遇到的「絆腳石」,那種專施小奸小惡來換取成功的--「必取」的故事。 女主角蔡環真,不僅為愛而與好姐妹勝男反目成仇,又設計陷害男主角郝萌,讓他以為自己與環真發生超友誼關係,需要對環真負責,正所謂女人不壞,男人不愛,可恨之人也有他的可取之處,這樣讓人恨得牙癢癢的「必取」,最後會是如何扭轉形象,蛻變成「必娶女人」,找到自己的必嫁男人呢?

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6 thoughts on “Marry me, or not? (必娶女人) Episode 03

  1. 喬喬 is very beautiful. Feels like 喬 喬 is not the lead in this tv show. How sad.

    Dislike 蔡環真 a very cunning and conniving women. Poor Justin is falling for her. her look in the wedding gown is not very attractive.

    • I think 乔乔 is the one who did worse. She ruined 蔡环真wedding.
      So far, I cannot see any of 环真fault except the one that she might have flirted with the colleague senior. Even that we also didn’t know the whole story yet.l

      • I personally like qiao qiao more than jia yan too as an artist..

        In drama, qiao qiao character somewhat too competitive.
        the character of 环真 just another annoying girl in typical taiwan drama thus gonna change after few eps..
        Chill peeps

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