Marry or Not (結婚好嗎) Episode 31

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8 thoughts on “Marry or Not (結婚好嗎) Episode 31

  1. According to the lawyer’s dad, the lawyer hate the restaurant and had never set foot in the kitchen… So… How does the lawyer learn to be a pro at cooking? Because your dad owns a restaurant means you automatically know how to cook? There’s no explanation where/how he get to be a good cook.

      • Okay let me re-phrase that– At 0:14 epi 31, Zi-Xuan’s dad said, “When does he (Zi-Xuan) ever cared about the restaurant? He’s never willing to set foot in our kitchen. You all believe in him (that he’ll show up to help out)? Where’s he now?”

        So Zi-Xuan has not been to the kitchen of the restaurant, AND he had a bad relationship with his dad. So… how does he learn to be a good cook?

        Also at 21:24 back in episode 8, Ya-Zhen said to Zi-Xuan “I don’t know how to cook… I’ll go buy some take-out food for you.” That is also not logical at all, since she’s raised by her grandma who runs a small restaurant, and she GREW UP helping and living in that restaurant.

        Anyway this drama is still fun to watch but they paid little attention to details.

        • Zixuan probably spent a lot of his childhood at the family restaurant Fu Xiang Lou prior to his mother’s illness. This is probably why he can cook to the extent that the ‘old’ taste that he could create was similar to that of YiZhen’s grandma’s cooking. Zixuan’s father was once an apprentice of Yazhen’s grandfather at their family eatery – Chun Ju Xiao Chu, which Yazhen’s grandma still runs. Yazhen’s grandma had also commented that his cooking tasted familiar when he was helping out at Chun Ju Xiao Chu.

          Zixuan’s dad was probably referring to the time after Zixuan’s mother’s demise when Zixuan wanted little to do with his dad and their restaurant as the restaurant reminded him of his mother and he wanted to keep his memory of her tied to the restaurant intact. He was very upset to see that his stepmother had placed roses instead of lilies at the foyer of the restaurant as his mother had always done and also that the furniture that his mother had chosen for the restaurant had been replaced over time.

          What I don’t get is why Zixuan’s dad didn’t go visit his mother at the hospital. Even if he had found his first love – and he had intended to divorce Zixuan’s mother – it made no sense why he didn’t bother to visit on account of his son.

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