Love, Now Episode 39

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29 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 39

  1. How come i cant watch the drama ,keep say
    Watch at Youtube,but i cant find from Youtube
    Can someone teach me
    Key what at youtube then can watch..pls

  2. Today is a longgg day for me…got off work after overtime and luckily I’ve got my “overload cuteness” drama waiting for me! And as usual, it made me smile 🙂 . It feels so warm to see how SD’s family welcome YR as a part of their family. I hope that all the viewers in Taiwan and all over the world can learn something positive from this drama, be reminded to cherish and love your family!
    *random comments : I’m so officially falling in love with George Hu…How can he be sooooo charming? How can I not “see” him before this drama? Annie chen is surely beautiful as always..but George makes me swoonnnnnn*

    • Yes, this is a very good movie and warm. I
      love SD and his family welcome YR, it
      compliments I
      feel true love. A long day at the office back home and happy waiting for their favorite movie after 10 pm. I
      love the movie and love SD, YR
      very much!!

    • MJ, i’ve also falling in love with George. 😛 The SD character in the show is too perfect. This episode is cuteness overload indeed. The sleeping in the bathtub punishment and the tenderness/shyness SD felt when he realises his wife is waiting for him at home. Sigh!….

  3. Agree with you, this is a
    great drama and compelling. Meaningful content, happy and
    attractive details. Georgu and Annie really cute and great together in
    the way of expressing love. And
    I also want to YR sexy in the bedroom, she is a famous supermodel with a perfect body, we
    also want to look at her sweet in cute pajamas!   

  4. SD and YR sweet and cute!! Bath curtain …! Haaa! I love this movie, how
    can the love of SD, how
    interested YR husband. She’s so adorable! But we want to YR show strong body of a supermodel gold measurements with sexy lingerie, lovely. SD and YR is very young couples and love so intense so a sexy little from the YR will make everything better! I
    love this movie so much!!

  5. This really is atypical taiwanese drama where most of them ended when there is wedding or when the couples are finally together. This is the first time i have seen that the store line continues or actually starts with YR and SD get married. It show how everyone is developing personally and adapting to their new life. Simple enjoyment!

  6. Very sweet, YR and SD together….and loving the development between doctor and QM.  He’s met he’s match and doesn’t quite know it yet…woohoo, and SY is showing her softer side…OK, but GH still wins hands down for his acting…love his tenderness towards his family.  Shows the typical Asian (I’m ABC) restraint yet his American upbringing shows the frank bolder side of his personality.  What a doll.  In creating LSD, the writers have made another “Mr. Darcy” melting our hearts and wishing…

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