Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 01

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30 thoughts on “Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 01

  1. 蜜恋时:“希望以后 每天 每分 每秒 你都在我身边跟我过同样的时间。”
    分手时:“从今以后 我的每天 每分 每秒 我的幸福 与你无关。”

  2. omg getting annoyed by this already… diff plot same acting, I’ve seen enough of Annie in her sobbing and whiny voice. I like to see her try a diff character rather than always trying to be tough and strong headed and sharp tongue.

  3. Freaking Good the drama… really worth it.. after watched “love now ” keep it up george hu and annie chen ^^

  4. This drama is so funny and romantic too. Each part of drama go so smoothly to each other that I don’t feel bored when I watch it. George and Annie act so well and naturally . You guys really are doing a great job !!!!!! Keep the good work !!!!!! I feel so bad that I need to wait for the next episode till this weekend !

  5. Why are all the new dramas this week titled “Love (fill in the blanks)”? Love Around, Love Touch, Love S.O.S. lol

    Oh Georgie. Why are you so freaking handsome?

  6. Thanks for uploading…Nice to see them again.I didn’t watch last night on tv,not anymore…even I understand a little bit mandarin,I really enjoy watching and happy just because of my favorite idol Annie & Geo.I love you guys.

  7. The ngs were so hilarious…he accidentally nicks her forehead with the bat and she hits the ball and it hits his back…ha ha…sure is nice to see them in action again. GH really gets into his character quickly and great to see Annie being able to dress up a bit. Looking forward to next episode…thanks for uploading so quickly.

  8. Super excited to see geo-nini together again. .I love this 1st all their interactions. .how they met and their characters. Love the soundtrack “come back to me” by Bii. Especially love part 6, when george piggybacked funny. Can hardly wait for next week. And…george is so cool and handsome!!

    • really excited and happy to see MJ and all Weini fan. Please always devoted to their love, their support for all the episodes. Acting and their lovely beauty shine again. Very impressive and different. We deeply love them

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