Love Actually Episode 13

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8 thoughts on “Love Actually Episode 13

  1. wow they kiss again… they kiss in every episode… seem like when xiao xia kiss in 1st time she more stiff n din open her mouth but maybe get used to it,in this she more intense… everytime watch korea drama they will kiss not passionate n stiff.. think in this joe cheng bring her to a new pattern of acting.. hehe

  2. oh my god i cant believe im still watching this, even if i cant understand a thing! 🙂 no subbed videos of this yet only until 9 hmp… idc, am gonna finish this and just watch it all over again i just have to wait patiently 😛

  3. xiao xia is so kind as to allow a “competitor” to do explaining to haofeng the reason for her sudden disappearance. i mean, if xiao xia isn’t his girlfriend, i can understand her doing that. but humans are so weak and frail, won’t an ordinary female protect her “territory” and not allow any other females to invade her “sense of normalcy and familiarity”. the sudden appearance of xiao hui will disrupt all of that. can’t she have foreseen that to happen? what if haofeng has a “change of heart” and go back to xiao hui? her status at home will be challenged and she has to go back wandering in the streets again.

  4. Monkey wench is coming soon in the relationship between Xiao Xia and Hao Feng will be Hao Feng’s ex-girlfriend who tries to create a wedge between the couple by manufacturing a series of misunderstandings.

  5. oh what… the scene at 14:02 reminds me of Amber Kuo’s newly released MV for 該忘了 (english title: Forget Me Not).
    seriously. very similar concepts~

    • I wish they won’t. But there’s 35episodes. Gonna have a lot of drama especially.if li yang finds out his real background i think.

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