Love Actually Episode 10

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11 thoughts on “Love Actually Episode 10

  1. I don’t think it’s realistic or possible that the doctor tells haofeng that his dad is okay when he’s not… Wonder why he can’t just tell them the truth about his illness…

    •  you don’t get it do you? the wonton soup is like their family element it’s not any soup that you could just replace it’s been in their family for 100 years! It’s not the soup itself that makes it special, it’s the meaning behind the creation of the soup that makes it priceless

  2. What happen to Hao Feng when the debtors came before the eldest brother come home ?
    What happen to the debts he owe ? Something missing, is it got cut ?

    Anybody knows what happen ??

    • That’s the issue with this drama, overdramatizing.
      Just like before when Daddy didn’t show up for Yang Guang’s school event, Lee Da Hae and Joe Cheng were talking about Yang Guang having to 自己承担 everything. It’s just a bit of teasing, lord, what kind of child has never been teased?

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