Love Actually (愛的蜜方) Episode 01

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28 thoughts on “Love Actually (愛的蜜方) Episode 01

  1. OMG not again….
    i really hates the dub = =
    please upload the original version and not this…
    chinese dub is really bad…

    •  hm I’m pretty sure thats Joe Cheng real voice, and the female main actress is korean so she has to be dub unless you want her to speak korean the whole time

      • well, if you see the movement of her mouth, she is at least if not speaking in mando, is lip-syncing it…. so i dont think she is speaking Korean on set…..

        •  She’s speaking Mandarin, she famous for being in the Korean drama My girl and even then she knew how to speak it a bit. She used about 7 years or more to improve her Mandarin language skills writing and speaking, her accent is just a little too heavy I guess that’s why she needs to be dubbed

  2. it’s korean actress lee da hae from ‘my girl’! Yay! She’s so pretty! And it’s Joe’s actual voice without dubbing. This Cdrama is actually promising! 😉

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