Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所) Episode 20

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4 thoughts on “Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所) Episode 20

  1. I rarely watch drama Taiwan, but after watching this drama, I fell in love with Taiwan, so touching drama such as an America drama, suitable for all ages because no much kiss scene 🙂 acting all the lead so natural, costum and the makeup also natural. Watching this drama as we become part of this drama is very down to earth. Hopelly can wacth long day’s journey into Light 2.

  2. This is the last episode but I think they didn’t indicate it on this website.

    The show delivered TILL THE END. It made me cry, laugh, ponder, smile, and think about how to cherish my own loved ones who are still on this earth. I still think it’s the best Taiwanese drama I have watched in a long while. The spectrum of human emotion it delves into is tremendous. The screenwriting is top-notch.

    There are so many things I can say about this show but I will just say a few here.
    1. It could have spared its main cast from the shadow of death, but it didn’t. I’m glad that it kept that real. The subject-matter, death, was so honestly and openly talked about. The message of the beauty of a life well-lived, even one that is cut short prematurely, was brought out well.
    2. The entire cast, including the supporting cast and characters who made cameos, did such a wonderful job. Special mention to the main leads (especially Chris Wu and Huang Pei Jia), Guo Xin (Johnson), Qiu De Xiang (Mai Xiao), the characters who played Tian Jie and Da De.
    (And I heard that lots of them had to learn to speak the Hakka dialect for this show, good job!)
    3. The growth of the characters was amazing, and didn’t feel forced. Johnson’s transition from detestable to likeable and funny was especially great, and surprising. Shen Ge’s stiff and steely character warmed up to become one of the most affectionate, vulnerable and gentle male leads I have seen on Asian TV. (Chris Wu, you’ve done it again. 🙂 )
    4. The director’s attention to detail was superb. The transition between the scenes was nicely done, and I love the venues used for the scenes. The funeral parlour was actually a beautiful place, with the big water feature and open spaces.

    Heart heart heart this show! Recommend anyone, young or old, to watch it. Get past the first 5 episodes and you will start to feel for the characters and their struggles. It’s a show that triumphs over its sad and serious subject-matter, to give you a heartwarming and entertaining series that will move you in one way or another. Glad that death, an inevitable truth on this earth, was showcased in such a lovely way. Death and life go side by side, there’s no running away from that, and the paradoxical thing about it is the more courage we have to confront what death is, the more we will love every bit of life we have.

    • Very well said about a very well done drama. Not many drama can compare to this one’s quality. I’ll miss all the characters…

    • You are right,thanks for upload this drama, iam from Hakka family,so iam pround,hope this drama and the lead can get award. Hakka tv jia you.

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