The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Episode 07

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丙丙傻了! 難道白馬王子另有其人? 命中注定只是鬧劇一場?

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9 thoughts on “The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Episode 07

  1. The truth is finally revealed this ep. Did anyone get the story line? Wang Nuo is actually his brother,Wang Zhen. Wang Nuo is dead and Wang Zhen is living a dual life but mainly Wang Nuo because he doesn’t want his brother to be forgotten. But at the same time, he is upset that no one wants to remember When Zhen, himself. Somehow, he was wearing the swimsuit with Wang Nuo’s name one it and when he wakes up, everyone called him Wang Nuo. Interesting!!!

  2. looks like wang nuo mind it as he see bruce hug bing bing though he didnt really show it out.. the preview seems like he is waiting for bing bing to come and visit him in hospital.. i think the guy who stabbed him might be one of the person who bring in the xiang liao?

    • I think the person who stabbed Wang Cheng is also from gaming contest …. because they don’t want Bing Bing ‘s group team win. They are actually Jealous of Wang Zheng , because he’s the main key person who let Bing Bing’s team win.

  3. really starting to like this drama .. like the kiss in part 1 ,, matter of time between Romeo likes Juliet … ha ha.

    Bruce and the doctor will be a couple soon ..

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