K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 15

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119 thoughts on “K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 15

    • ikr! after 15eps they just take it for granted that the uploaders owe it to them for the uploads.. didn’t even occur that they are not obliged to do so.

  1. WTF now mostly here all of the episodes also cannot watch plus this episode 15 is still not fix yet! Will today have episode 16? Or will just upload a spoil episode 16?!

  2. whats supposed to happen in part 4 (watched it )
    – zhi ge tells his dad about the secretary yi neng, then his dad tests his secretary by seeing if the esculator suddenly stops, if he has yi neng then he would have sudden movement, but when zhi ge’s dad tests him the secretary has a big reaction.
    – jin bao san has a random vision of leiting feeding him macarons because dadong doesnt want to eat them beacuse he knows it tastes bad, so leiting feeds it to jin bao san to make dadong jealous, but in his vision in the end he ends up trying to kiss leiting and then he gets back to reality and turns out hes kissing one of his friends

  3. 我想快点知道 曹吉利 到底是谁。他感觉上非常神秘。他应该不是 曹操 的分身,可能就是 曹操 本人。
    而且我超想再次让 脩 和香 还是雷婷 对戏。一定会很有趣的!

  4. Please don’t separate Lei Ting and Da Dong .. hopefully Xiu and Dong Cheng Wei band fight the bad guy when Da Dong needs help or something .. I hope Lei Ting doesn’t get controlled by evil spirit like what happen to Ah Xiang in KO 3AN GUO.

    • it seems likely. and to save lei ting, maybe dadong will play “shu bu jin de xing kong” to revive her, just like xiu did. which might become so boring. so i honestly hope not and then they remember the ko2 memories.

  5. omg, so exciting. I hope they will play song as a band with xiu they all in the epiisodes, to fight or something. But i somehow think that cao ji li is good.

  6. When Cao Ji Li was rescuing Hua Ling Long’s sister and after he rescued her, how can he not have sensed Yun Han Teacher hiding behind the tree watching? lol

  7. 應該是少了止水想測試李秘書是不是有戰力指數,反而害到止水受傷。還有寒發現吉利對汪大東的偷拍照片、辜戰跟止戈的勝負紙也讓寒無意中發現,讓寒覺得吉利這個人並不簡單,於是作出調查。以上上述的部份就是被刪減的部份而已。麻煩上載片的人去更正一下吧。

  8. Just go google zhong ji yi ban ep 15 use other websites to watch first if u can’t wait
    don’t wanna share link here in case if its not allowed

  9. please fix!!!!!! it pppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. I was so worried that Li YanYan would come up with an excuse not to meet Na Ge Shei. Until she sent him the message, when my heart broke.

    With his.

    是谁的眼泪 是谁的憔悴萨 洒满地的心碎?

    • Tried my best, hope it helps!

      Dadong: It’s Saturday tomorrow.
      Lei Ting: Yeah
      Dadong: We’ll be going on a date.
      Lei Ting: Yeah
      Dadong: So… I’ll be picking you up from your house at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.
      Lei Ting: Okay
      Dadong: I’ll surely let you have an unforgettable date with me.
      Lei Ting: Alright, I’m looking forward to it.

      • awws 🙂 how about dadong-leiting conversation before and after the paint ball date 🙂 and dadong and xiu conversation about in facial mask and eventually in seems become serious? ahh too bad i dont understand chinese.. so pls… thanks 🙂

  11. 啊啊啊啊啊啊!天啊!我上辈子是不是欠这部戏的导演? 为什么我要看的裘战都在下一集?又要等一个礼拜 :'(

  12. xiu xiang is so much sweeter than lei ting with da dong.. lei ting and da dong seems too sudden and pls dun give the same scene of KO.3anguo

  13. This episode didn’t show anything about Li Mi Shu’s battle index. Zhi Ge’s dad stop the escalator and Li Mi Shu turn back that part.

    • 断肠人’s heart will break if anything happens to his bro 黑龙。I really don’t think 黑龙 is the real evil villain here, you know. As in of course he’s bad but sb else is probably behind most of the bad stuff…

  14. The trailer for the next episode remind me of Ko3ango again,LOL. When AhXiang’s dad made her into a “Mo”. Where she listens to all his commands,only when Xiu was there to touch her heart then she returned back to normal. I hope Ko One 3 won’t repeat the same plot again where LeiTing is being controlled by Heilong = = plus it’s the same actors, LOL

  15. me too i wonder what happen to the upload.. its like something missing..
    does yan yan like zhan? why was she looking over when he went over to talk to qiu qiu?

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