JOJO’s World (我和我的四個男人) Episode 09

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3 thoughts on “JOJO’s World (我和我的四個男人) Episode 09

  1. THE NEXT WEEK PREVIEW IS GETTING ME EXCITED. Honestly this episode got me on a feels roller coaster. Who knew that ZQ had harbored that deep of a misunderstanding for CJ regarding about their “breakup” 8 years ago? It was amazing to see them realize the fundamental problems to their relationship mostly revolved around insecurities and personal selfishness. A lot could’ve been done.. but if there was an “if”.. then there wouldn’t be regret. So I think the drama does a great job of showing us the difference between what was in the past versus what present CJ really needs in a relationship. I’m looking forward to the next episode for progress between YS and CJ. I’ve been waiting for him to step up in the game and he gets a chance to next week!!

  2. this episode has many ups and downs and heavy emotions … great acting and efforts from the main cast of Tia, Rende and Yen-J.

    For all the love that existed between CJ and ZQ, it is quite hard to imagine that ZQ is the jealous type when he is such a caring doctor .. this piece is a little off in the storyline! He did not even bother to listen to the explanation of why CJ was staying at YS’ place but formed his own conclusion and for such misunderstanding .. they split?! Or perhaps it was what CJ said .. she cared that she does not match up but ZQ sees it as her fault of being “selfish”

    This is the turning point .. YS clearly has feelings for CJ by now (looking at the way he tolerates her and cares for her) but he has to hold back knowing the heartache that CJ is going through and how much she liked ZQ. YS even went to interfere by going to the clinic hoping to clear the misunderstanding between CJ and YS but of course ., that nurse!!!

    Preview looks hot .. ha ha .. lets see .. is there like / love?!

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