IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我) Episode 11

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29 thoughts on “IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我) Episode 11

  1. THE CONFESSION WAS SO AMBIGUOUS. It seriously doesn’t sound like Dandan said I love you in a romantic aspect; it totally seems like Jia He took it as she loves him as a family (which may break his heart a little?).

  2. Despite how cruel it was, I think it was the right thing to do. You can’t be called a man when a girl your dating is now hospitalized and possibly could be blind for life because of you. How can you possibly drop a bomb like that, just think about it. We all hate it, we want to be in control of our own lives and do what we want, but the truth is, it just doesn’t work out that way most of the time. Timing, luck, and whatnot play a bigger role in life than what people give it credit for.
    It’s still pretty sad though :/.

  3. Getting frustrated by Jia He’s feeling. He is attached to Wen Qi but also has feeling for Dandan.The look he gave Dandan goes beyond sibling’s love. At this moment San Tian’s character is geting more charming as the drama progresses.

  4. JIA HE OMG YOU ARE SO CRUEL when he sat next to dan dan and told her to go home MY HEART LITERALLY BROKE FOR DAN DAN and to make it worse he just said “I’m gonna marry her” SO COLDY even if you are rejecting her show some compassion

    I’m so confused at Dan dan’s confession scene because Jia He put his arm around her and told her not to cry and that they’ll be together forever but as SIBLINGS or LOVERS? or does he think she’s saying I love you in a familial way? He can’t be that dense right.. since he rejected her at the hospital

    • how i interpreted it is that he does love dandan. as more than siblings. but upon finding out wen qi might be blind because of him, he feels the tremendous pressure and obligation to take care of her and owe up to it because after all he caused it. That’s why when he sat next to dan dan during the end, he told dan dan to understand that some things will never change. i feel like this means that his love for dan dan will never change, and just to remember and know that. But obviously he can’t be together with dan dan.

      • I think what he meant by “some things will never change” is that they’ll always be siblings and that’ll never change.

        I do think Jia He has feelings for Dan Dan but he’s just confused by his feelings for Wen Qi right now on top of her becoming blind so he feels the pressure and obligation to stay with her.

        aww man Dan Dan, Wen Qi and Sang Tien aka everyone in this show knows who it is they like except for Jia He I hope he realizes soon!!

  5. I find recently that’s it’s getting harder and harder to root for Sky and DanDan because it has been extremely unclear as to whether Sky cares DanDan as an protective brother or as soemthing beyond siblings. And right now, it’s looking sadly more towards siblings, even though we know they are the OTP. More time shove been spent on exploring Sky’s feeling for DanDan.
    The more disappointing thing is that, you would thought DanDan’s journey to Japan was a much needed move for character development and realization. But unfortunately, I see little growth and we’re back in the stalemate as before DanDan’s leave which makes the the Japan trip unnecessary and only to introduce Sang Tian.

    • He sad “Come with me to Japan. From now one it will only hurt and not bullied.” The last sentence make no sense. Hope it was helpful.

    • Hi Ciara, hope this simple translation helps 🙂

      (When San Tian and Yazi are conversing)

      Yazi: Mr San Tian, the chairman is looking for you
      San Tian: You knew Dan Dan was leaving to return to Taiwan? Why didn’t you stop her? She’s really a nice girl.
      Yazi: Because I don’t have that kind of courage, I really envy how you and Dan Dan can face your own feelings. Since you like her so much, just go to Taiwan and look for her. I hope you won’t regret anymore.
      San Tian: Yazi
      Yazi: Actually I feel indigent, but you and Dan Dan are really compatible.
      San Tian: Thank you.

      (When San Tian ran down the stairs and bumped into his dad before leaving Japan)

      San Tian: Dad
      Dad: When will you grow up?
      San Tian: Dad, I’m sorry
      Dad: You don’t have to apologize. But why can’t you think clearly instead of always acting on impulse?
      San Tian: This decision is made after much thoughts
      Dad: If you have considered thoroughly, why do you have to leave?
      San Tian: Because I like Dan Dan
      Dad: There are many things beyond your control
      San Tian: I understand. But I’ve missed out too much and I don’t wanna make the same mistake again
      Dad: Are you still blaming me for what happened back then?
      San Tian: No. I was too weak at that point of time, that’s why I chose to leave her
      Dad: If that’s the case, why do you have to leave?
      San Tian: Because I don’t wanna have any regrets
      Dad: Are you sure about this? Perhaps you have already grown up and its time for you to choose your own path. I believe you won’t disappoint me
      San Tian: I understand

      • Hi. Did you translate that or was it written on somewhere else? I cant watch this drama because of langues problems so i want to ask you that.

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