Happy 300 Days (遇見幸福300天) Episode 01

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25 thoughts on “Happy 300 Days (遇見幸福300天) Episode 01

  1. I wonder though, why doesn’t she just go tell her ex-boyfriend that she is pregnant? maybe he is the responsible type you know? the baby could even save her relationship with him…maybe. it’s the sensible thing I would expect her to do. but it’s just my opinion 🙂 Though if she does go see her boyfriend she wouldn’t meet the three guys I guess, haha

  2. 這跟本是抄襲 “三個爸爸一個媽媽” 的韓劇阿…..我對台灣的電視劇越來越失望了…NEED MORE ORIGINALITY PLEASE!!!!

  3. 酒瓶砸到 欠錢的 臉上 當我們白癡? 第一個鏡頭 砸在臉上 第二個 鏡頭 在額頭上 當我們眼殘??

  4. his car is called jessica. that reminds me of a korean drama called gentleman’s dignity. the main guy character called his car betty. =p

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