Good Times (美好年代) Episode 65

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姍姍來遲的小光,職銜是行銷公關總監,但這個月她又拿不到薪水; 乍看人生順遂的俊朋,卻始終是別人是倒數第2個男朋友;台上看似幸福的博啟和包子,卻都不是第一次結婚;而他們還在等十幾年前的一個朋友,沒想到人未到聲先到,阿遠用充滿磁性的嗓音唱出:






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4 thoughts on “Good Times (美好年代) Episode 65

  1. Moderator / Admin .. any chance of uploading the re-run / re-make of the 5 days 2 hour episodes here for overseas fans who cannot get to watch Taiwan TV? Thank you

    • I love following the comments of you and a few others, because I have very different views so your comments are very intriguing for me! 🙂 I think love is multidimensional, there can be passionate love (that XG perhaps feels for JJ) but there can also be companionate love (that XG feels for JP). I think companionate love is underrated and sometimes dismissed as “friendship”…. However, it is actually true that companionate love is the one which lasts while passionate love dies off after a while. XG still feels passionate love for JJ because he left for 20 years, the butterflies in the tummy may die off if they actually start dating. Also…., actually sometimes increased heartbeat and physiological arousal are misattributed to passionate love, when in fact they stem from novelty, anxiety, or even fear. XG is very different from JJ, and JJ was pretty fierce and bossy to her when they first met, so it was normal for her to have racing heartbeat whenever she saw JJ, and then when JJ confessed to her, this racing heartbeat became interpreted as love….

      But anyway, I do enjoy your comments, and I am just sharing mine too! 🙂 I think I would agree with you completely if I were 10 years younger, but age has taught me to appreciate companionate love and to value it over passionate love.

      • We are all here to enjoy this drama through different set of eyes so it is great to share different views and comments in this forum. I admit that I am bias by now obviously influenced by the huge screen presence of JJ although he was not the reason I started watching. I recognise JP from another drama as cute brother to Melvin Sia’s role. I would have rooted for JP if they never brought JJ back (rating reason perhaps) and let JP and XG develop a relationship for good number of episodes (mid way).. that is what I see in some of the long dramas here. This one is “odd” holding off to the last episode.

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