Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 12

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9 thoughts on “Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 12

  1. 喜樂知道自己借用人家的東西就好啦!還生甚麼氣!奪走了這麼多還發甚麼神經!!白總裁是平安的媽媽,這是平安的錯嗎?D:

  2. the main girl is so effing ugly. large pie face and nasty short hair that makes her annoyingly round pie face even more apparent. Aside from the lack of stylist tips, she’s also a terrible actress. You always hear her pausing in between lines. Her little laughs and the all excited looks are extremely fake too. It’s due to bad casting that makes dramas unpopular.

    • bitch please . Don’t judge . Although you have the freedom to comment , but , this is the way they act , blame the director if you want , not the actor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Xi Le keeps talking like Ping An shouldn’t receive her mother’s love… =o=” and doesn’t think that because of Ping An and the situation, she’s received so much more than she deserved in the first place… can’t stand her…

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