Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 11

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23 thoughts on “Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 11

  1. OMG It’s painful watching this! There’s too many horrible and selfish people in this show! D: And Xi Le!!!! Why won’t you let Ping An spend a lil time with her mother? 人家是她媽,好不容易相認,她就昏迷了!為甚麼不讓她們母女好好相處?妳已經奪走很多了

  2. I wonder who the person Ye Chen is referring to in the trailer? He said only Ping An can find them…. They must be key to helping Ping An’s situation

    • I think he’s talking about finding the old Xi Le. That one girl (can’t remember her name) stated that she’d become a new Bai Lingli (i think that’s her name). Ye Chen just said that she’s the only one who can get the “real” her back cuz she’s known her for the longest.

  3. Ping An should just leave all the evil people and go study overseas and live happily ever after with Ye Chen!! Too many evil people in this drama!!! (still hoping huo ying isn’t evil he’s a cutie lol)

  4. Zi Wen’s acting is so weird and seems so fake. his acting during the crying part was the most weird crying i ever seen in dramas

    • HAHAHHA omg I don’t know why I cracked up after reading your comment but I agree his facial expressions are a bit weird?!?!

    • His acting is just always OTT, like he cannot convey any emotion ifhe doesn’t create an obvious expression for it on his face.

    • god damnit watching his acting is making me lose appetite like he exaggerates SO much rather than using subtle skills I mean who does his expressions in real life! no wonder he’s like almost 40 and not much acting roles!

      • Well the actor is actually a certified pastry chef….
        Maybe that’s why he doesn’t care about his career in the entertainment industry that much~

    • Xi Le is a psychotic bitch!!! WTH she KNOWS bai ming le isn’t her mother why is she YELLING at ping an “She’s my mum I won’t give her back to you” ?!?!

      Zi Wen doesn’t even like her ANYWAY the one he liked was ALWAYS ping an……

      • Psychotic is really the only reason to justify how the supposedly sweet loving girl turned into this bitch in a few episodes time. C’mon, we have enough people against Ping An already, does her bff has to join too? Sheesh!

  5. This show getting more and more draggy and tragic sia! I seriously feel like giving up ald. If by next ep is still the same I will stop watching this drama

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