Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 10

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14 thoughts on “Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 10

  1. 原來喜樂才是最毒的!她好可怕!平安跟她這麼多年朋友,為她付出這麼多,她竟然因為嫉妒一直傷害平安。喜樂吃錯藥了嗎?平安好可憐 D:好人會有好報的!平安加油!

  2. omg when that bitch sha sha ruined the flower shop.. i would’ve done more than just try to push her.. i would’ve punched her in the face or threw one of the damaged flower pots in her face by now… grr so angry i want her to burn.

  3. it would’ve been so much better if zi wen was plotting revenge and tried to marry ping an but actually fell in love with her in the process and decides to give up his revenge plan

  4. i hope they never ever EVER try to redeem Xi Le’s character and I would like her and Li Sha to burn in the deepest of hell along with Zi Wen, he needs some jail time too -__-” I never liked Xi Le since the beginning and I especially got pissed off at her when she slapped Ping An publicly like I get it but that is so not right, I wouldn’t want my sister to do that >.>, but I did try to like her & just no. just hope Ye Chen & Ping An will have their happy ending <3 so I don't regret watching this drama …

  5. omg the te zhu assisstant’s acting is so awkward and horrible that i have to skip it to avoid cringing and goosebumps

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