Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 09

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13 thoughts on “Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 09

  1. OMG 莎莎真的是吃飽飯沒事做。。。一直整平安。喜樂也太自私了吧,明知道平安是無辜的,也甚麼都不做。T.T 明知道莎莎這麼三八也要一直跟她在一起。平安加油!!

  2. god xi lee and lisa== wtf
    zi wen sucks, just sayin, not a likeable character==

    ping an and ye chen are so freakin cute, aweeh <3

  3. I like Ping An and Ye Chen’s interaction. They have good chemistry together. I would rather they show more of this couple than xi li and the zi wen,

  4. ji li sha needs to get out of this drama RIGHT NOW -.-

    and xi le , how can you treat ping an like this ?! UGHHH srsly

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