Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 08

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13 thoughts on “Borrow Ur Love (借用一下你的愛) Episode 08

  1. Borrow your love ep 8 part 3 at 3:27… Xie Xi Le left empty handed. at 4:47 a handbag magically appeared in her hand. Come on director! Use some logic!

  2. OMG this drama is actually so good!! I only started watching it cause I had nothing else to watch and because dylan kuo was in it but so unexpectedly good!!!

  3. praying to god huo ying isn’t the one who switched the documents in her backpack which caused her to deliver the empty documents!! (But I think he was genuinely helping her pick up the documents because that evil sasa girl said xi le was at fault too for causing ping an’s mistake)

  4. ugh xi le is annoying me already and she hasn’t even turned evil yet… like can she stop being so jealous of every. little. thing. First seeing zi wen storing ping an’s drawing of his birthday cake in a box, then seeing her mother grab ping an’s hand, seeing zi wen wear ping an’s tie clip… like you may THINK zi wen and your mum are rightfully yours but zi wen initially liked ping an!! and ping an is the real daughter!!!

  5. OMGGG HUO YING IS A CUTIEEEE I thought he would’ve made a cute couple with ping an when they first met and started bickering but then I thought he was evil so I scratched him out of the picture but he may not be evil HEHEHE

    BUT ping an would make a cute couple with all three guys!! zi wen (if he wasn’t evil), ye chen and huo ying :’))

    of course ye chen is the perfect one for ping an though

  6. Seriously can not stand the ji Li sha, keep bully ping an!!! Xi le is worse as she never help ping an but Jiont in to bully!! Poor ping an but lucky she got ye Chen and now plus ji huo Ying!;)

  7. i didn’t see the scene where xi le tells zi wen that ye chen and ping an were dating in the previous episode? did anyone see it and could tell me whereabouts in the episode they saw it 🙂

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